The 'EDucational Link' Advanced Support area has hundreds of slides, videos and presentations to help explain industrial ethernet. A comprehensive, easy to understand resource for engineers and users.

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"I am impressed by the wealth of information - I am an electrical engineer at a packaging company and we are installing a network using Ethernet/IP for our manufacturing process - you made it easy to understand how it works" - Ronald Hearlston, Sr. E.E.

"I learned about IP addressing, multicasting and IGMP snooping - solving problems that we were having in our plant" - Kevin McCormick, Electrical Engineer.

"Finally a switch vendor developed 'easy to understand' information about industrial ethernet, - Thank You, Ethernet Direct ! " - Rick Mackiewicz, Electrical Technician at a power plant.

The following are examples of the hundreds of explanations in our Advanced Support area.

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Apply for membership to the Ethernet Direct 'EDucational Link' area for Advanced Support presentations, videos, downloads, Webinars and other special features. The 'EDucational Link' section is the most comprehensive technical reference library for Industrial Ethernet on the Web. Simplifying the terms, and geared for control engineers, we explain the technology required for the plant floor and industrial applications.

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