Ethernet Direct’s Six Sigma in Total Quality Management

In Ethernet Direct, Six Sigma means the measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Ethernet Direct is known for its goals on 100% customer satisfaction and reliable product stability as a result of our strictest quality control. To ensure our commitment on quality assurance and product quality, our six sigma revolves around the “Total Quality Management” concept which covers the Plan-Do-Check-Act method.

Ethernet Direct’s Total quality management framework includes three procedures namely DQA, MQA & CQA. These three procedures are interconnected to carry out our quality assurance in Design/Manufacture/Service phases. It will be a close loop QA system through the quality’s traceability and feedback.

Design QA
Ethernet Direct insist on "Doing it right the first time". Before a new product development, our project team focuses on concurrent engineering and product verification to make certain that the quality designed in could be achieved. Before a new product will be released, Ethernet Direct performs 6 stages conforming to our New Product Development Procedure to ensure the product quality can be qualified. The product verification includes Function testing, Reliability testing and Compatibility testing. Regarding the product function testing, we execute the Design Rule Check, Power Limitation Test, Transmission Cap. Limitation Test, Fan out Limitation Test, Thermal Test, and EMC/Safety. While in the reliability testing, we implement the MTBF Prediction, Accelerated Life Test, Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test, Temperature Humidity Power on-off Test, High Temperature Humidity Storage Test, Vibration Test and Drop Test.

Manufacturing QA
In production phase, Ethernet Direct guarantees consistency in product quality. To comply with this, we implement SQM, 1st article inspection, dynamic burn-in, ORT and so on into the process.

Customer QA
Customer Satisfaction is a key focus in Ethernet Direct. Our CQA put emphasis on customer oriented service. To offer satisfaction & service quality, various levels of support are put into action to meet the customer’s needs and process capability. The Global Ethernet Direct Group are backed by a team of professionals from every aspect. Apart from providing reliable products, customer satisfaction also comes from the offer of real-time service and technical support. We want our customers to feel that they can 100% rely on our technical knowledge, customized services, and top-notch product quality.