About the Ethernet Direct Shopping Cart

Our Shopping Cart system has been developed for your convenience, not ours! The shopping cart area does not mean you are committing to any purchase. You can easily enter and leave the area to review other products.

We have constructed the Shopping Cart to accommodate the multiple ways you may want to purchase equipment. We are focused on the industrial market in which companies have purchasing procedures and policies which may prohibit credit card purchases. We have taken the benefit of real time transactions gained from the website and coupled this with traditional methods of procurement. We feel this is the future of business to business transactions.

Call In Orders

If you would feel more comfortable talking to our sales department and placing the order by phone, please call our Newburyport, MA office at 978-499-9270 during normal business hours - 8AM to 5PM EST. We will be happy to assist you in placing your order. After hours, you can use the Shopping Cart options below to send in your order - and then call the next day to complete the purchase. We want to make the ordering process easy and comfortable.

On-Line Quotations

From the Shopping Cart, you can create a quotation that will be delivered to you instantaneously via return email. This Quotation will have a reference number and pricing protection for 30 days. These quotations can be used to request equipment and once approved, the purchasing departments can fax or mail the Purchase Order to Ethernet Direct (phone, fax and address details are included on the quotation). Quotations can be developed 24 hours a day. Purchasing agents can call and confirm orders during normal business hours.

On-Line Purchase Orders

In addition to mailing or faxing orders, Ethernet Direct provides a means to place Purchase Orders over the web. A confirmation email will indicate delivery time and shipping details. Orders can be cancelled if the delivery time is not satisfactory. Companies wishing to use Purchase Orders must fill out a credit application form (PDF format) before shipping will occur. Once credit is established, companies will receive a customer number that will expedite future orders.

Credit Card Orders

Major Credit Cards - American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover - can be used for purchases. The credit card will not be charged until the product has been shipped.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping charges will be calculated based on the estimated weight of the order and the destination from Newburyport, MA. A handling charge of $10 per order is added to cover material costs. For international orders, outside the USA and Canada, products will be shipped from the nearest Ethernet Direct shipping location and may incur additional cost.

Reserve Equipment for Guaranteed Deliveries

As the popularity of Industrial Ethernet grows, purchasers are experiencing shortages at all suppliers, which may result in delayed projects. In some cases, delays have been longer than 6 weeks. Equally an issue is the arrival of equipment too early, which may result in additional storage cost, just to be sure of equipment availability. We understand that projects and major programs often require the delivery of equipment to a jobsite to be synchronized with the project schedule. Ethernet Direct can help eliminate the potential for logistics issues and added cost by allowing equipment to be shipped at the exact time required.

You can contact Ethernet Direct to check on the availability of any item. If your project schedule exceeds the current delivery schedule, but you want to be sure to have the exact equipment at the time you need it, you can reserve the equipment. Pay a portion of the cost (usually 35% for standard items and 50% for specialty items) and you can be assured of delivery within 72 hours of the time identified. Many items will be shipped to meet the same day delivery. Contact Ethernet Direct to learn more about this service.