Manufacturing Facilities

When selecting a supplier, sometimes it’s also what you can not see that is equally important. Quality and costs are directly affected by manufacturing. Ethernet Direct products are produced in “State of the Art” manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. These manufacturing lines (pictured here) provide our customers with products that not only exceed our spec’s but also comply with the latest environmental requirements (RoHS).

High-Speed Mountain machine :
speed > 0.09 sec/chip
with accuracy < ±0.1mm

Non-lead production process :

Testing includes Dynamic Burn-In and Inspection

Not satisfied with just quality manufacturing processes, Ethernet Direct products are tested to operate properly in the extreme environments that separate this equipment from commercial Ethernet switches. Visual Inspection of all our equipment ensures that our products are the best products on the market.

  • 8 hrs 60°C Dynamic burn-in test to enhance product reliability to design level
  • Over 80% function test items are covered during burn-in test program
  • PCB, BGA , Main Chips are baked for 4 to 24 hours before being applied
  • 100% Appearance inspection
  • 100% Electric Specification test
  • Antistatic Environment

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