Our Experience

Our founders have spent over 28 years adapting Ethernet products for use in an Industrial environment and providing guidance to companies in implementing Industrial solutions using Ethernet technology. Since 1996 our people have been on the forefront of Industrial Ethernet deployment. Today we consult with many fortune 500 companies to provide the best and most appropriate solution for their applications.

Product Planning

With our years of experience in Real-time processing and high-availability applications, and these requirements have been ingrained into our thinking and help us to stay ahead of our competition. To stay current, we review application ideas with major Fortune 100 companies, and we also reach out to the small business and municipal sectors to better understand the challenges they face. These interactions greatly influence future product design and development. The development roadmaps are a collaborative process with a global team. We have also a partner relationship with Network Vision and the IntraVUE software that is the standard support software for Industrial Ethernet applications.

Customer Support

Our approach builds on our own practical experience. Given the technical nature of our products and their applications, our clients often need help understanding VLANs, IGMP snooping, and Routed architectures. From applications such as EtherNet/IP, PROFInet, and Foundation Fieldbus HSE to standard Ethernet applications leveraging UDP and Multicast traffic, Ethernet Direct can assist you in every aspect of Industrial Ethernet – with the focus always on your application's specific requirements.

Our global structure means that questions emailed to techsupport@ethernetdirect.com are usually answered within an hour of posting. All questions are recorded and most are then placed in an organized structure in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area. Computerized order entry and tracking means most of our representatives can help identify the shipping status and tracking number of any order.