About Ethernet Direct

Ethernet Direct sells quality products, designed specifically for the industrial marketplace, over the internet to reduce unnecessary costs. The company provides full transparency to all the specifications and prices. By eliminating unnecessary intermediate handling and reducing sales channel costs, we can deliver superior products at prices significantly below the competition. Our products are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facilities that produce high quality products ensuring our rugged designs will last many years.

Why buy from Ethernet Direct

Our Experience
You can be confident in your purchase since you will be dealing directly with individuals specialized in Industrial Ethernet and not a distributor carrying everything from push buttons to power plants. Learn more from our dedicated staff that has years of practical experience and applied knowledge in the implementation of Industrial solutions using Ethernet technology.

Proven Products
Our products are installed in many real time applications for the Military, Security, and Automation markets. Many fortune 500 companies rely on Ethernet Direct to help them to exceed their performance goals while keeping within budget.

Customer Support
Our approach here also builds on our own practical experience. Given the technical nature of our products and their applications, our clients often need help understanding VLANs, IGMP & Multicast messaging, and Routed architectures. Our global structure means that questions emailed to techsupport@ethernetdirect.com are usually answered within an hour of posting. All questions are recorded and most are then placed in an organized structure in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area. Computerized order entry and tracking means most of our representatives can help identify the shipping status and tracking number of any order.

Manufacturing and Quality
Ethernet Direct is more than just the best prices on the market; it's also about the best products. This is achieved by focusing on manufacturing and quality. Manufacturing facilities producing Ethernet Direct products deploy state of the art systems to leverage the latest technologies. Click here for more details on our Manufacturing processes. Ethernet Direct's quality is guided by the stringent Six Sigma quality program, which insures the products delivered are of the highest quality obtainable. Click here for more details on our quality processes.

Extended Warranty
Ethernet Direct products are the highest quality products with specifications superior to many of our competitors. We stand behind this quality by providing graduated 5 year warranties. Our products have better operating temperature ranges than most industrial Ethernet equipment, which helps enable longer life.

Ease of Ordering, 24 x 7
If you have been purchasing your Ethernet equipment from other suppliers, we provide easy to use cross reference charts to assist you in finding the comparable Ethernet Direct model. Our shopping cart allows you to place your order over the web or have a quote delivered via email instantly. Why wait for a salesperson or contact a distributor's help line only to get someone responsible for 100 different products. Our web site has been constructed to make your ordering experience the best it can be, at any hour of the day, 365 days a year.

Knowledgeable Support Staff and Educational Resources
Unlike other online ordering systems that provide only products, Ethernet Direct provides our customers with product support and application training (learn more). You can chat with us online or email us if there are any questions not answered by our user friendly web site. When you purchase from Ethernet Direct, you can become a member of the 'EDucational Link' area and have access to our EDucational Series of video training sessions. From generic Ethernet technologies such as Subnet masks, VLANs, and IGMP to guidance on network architectures, the EDucational Series videos will keep you aware of the technologies required for Industrial Ethernet deployment. Whether you are using standard Ethernet protocols or working with EtherNet/IP, PROFInet, or Foundation Fieldbus HSE, Ethernet Direct provides our clients with up to date and very valuable information to help insure safe and secure applications. Videos provide more information and better explanations than standard written text guides. Join our 'EDucational Link' area for the EDucational Series of advanced support Powerpoints, Videos and Explanation of Terms about the application of Industrial Ethernet on the plant floor.

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