The Facts about Hirschmann versus Ethernet Direct Switches

Hirschmann was one of the first companies to sell Industrial Ethernet switches to the marketplace. They had enjoyed a commanding position in the marketplace for many years, and thus, have been able maintain a pricing structure that reflects this dominant position. The company, once a Rockwell Encompass partner, has been removed along with N-Tron from this partnership as Industrial Switches from many vendors are being used with EtherNet/IP applications. The maturing market and competitive products are providing lower cost alternatives without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

Ethernet Direct switches have the same or better quality and functionality, but with a significantly lower price. We offer longer warrantees as the quality and reliability of our products are first class. The main reason Ethernet Direct can provide products at the best prices is by directly leveraging the tools of the Internet to keep our overhead cost lower than ALL suppliers! Elimination of all unnecessary costs while focusing on providing direct support, we offer a unique product and service. We publish our prices for the everyone to see and compare. We offer open products that do not restrict our users from having to purchase our SFP modules. We do not list OEM prices as some do, but the price anyone can purchase. These are the prices that you pay for a single unit.

EXAMPLE - If you have a specification that calls for Hirschmann switches or equal, let's compare specifications for a Hirschmann RS20-0800M2M2DAEHH01.0 ( RS2-FX/FX equivalent ) and an Ethernet Direct HME-621.

What is the difference between Hirschmann and Ethernet Direct specifications ?

Absolutely No Important Differences - unless you need the Germanischer Lloyd approval for a marine job.

For more ED vs. Hirschmann detailed product specification comparisons click here »

To sum it up ...

Why pay more for a Hirschmann switch when Ethernet Direct has the same or better features at a lower cost - in the case of Managed switches, a 30 to 60% lower cost! Ethernet Direct switches ARE equal to Hirschmann switches, and can be submitted on proposals as a substitute for Hirschmann switches as an equal.

Ethernet Direct makes fully managed, true SNMP switches affordable for all applications.